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More action with Stronger Legs

Alternate quads and hamstrings for maximum growth

A good pair of legs is as important to the body as a good set of wheels is to a car. But like a quality set of wheels, strong, healthy legs come at a high price. So, don’t take the following powerful exercises—especially the sissy squat—lightly. Because this is an incredibly intense workout that will turn your thighs into killer wheels. Serious focus and intensity are required.



Quadriceps and hamstrings

Stand with a barbell balanced across your traps. Your feet should be wider than shoulder width apart. Before you continue with this exercise, make sure that the bar is placed symmetrically.

Once you feel comfortably balanced, contract your quadriceps and gluteal muscles and lower your body slowly. When you reach the point where your upper legs are just below parallel to the floor, push back up to the top without “locking out” and repeat the movement. Make sure to keep your abdominal muscles tight to protect your lower back, and keep your head up and your eyes fixed ahead as you perform this exercise.

Quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes

Step into a hack sled with your feet shoulder width apart and positioned near the top of the foot plate.

Starting in an upright position (without locking out your knees), contract your quadriceps muscles and slowly lower into a squat position. Once you reach the bottom movement (where your upper legs are just below parallel to the platform), press the sled back to the top without “locking out” and repeat the movement. Make sure to keep your abdominal muscles tight and your lower back planted firmly against the rear padding to avoid a back injury.



Hamstrings and glutes

Grab a barbell with a grip that’s slightly wider than your shoulders.

With your back straight and your upper body rigid, contract your hamstrings slowly and ease the barbell off the floor. Bring your body up and stand up straight. Without resting, return to a position where the barbell is slightly above the floor; repeat. Keep your knees fixed and slightly bent throughout the movement.


Muscle Rev Xtreme Price Is higher Than Its Counterparts Due To Better Quality Ingredients

The markets today are flooded with health supplements. Every day we find that a new supplement has been launched. All these supplements make huge claims about their efficiencies and promise the most perfect looks possible. But the fact is that not all supplements available in the market are good for our body. Some of these can have really harmful side effects on our system and hence should be avoided. Muscle rev Xtreme and rev test are two latest supplements in the market which are meant for muscle building. Let us try to understand the benefits and effects of muscle rev Xtreme and Rev test individually.

Muscle rev Xtreme

The mechanism on which this product works is that, it increases the blood flow to the muscles at the time of the workout. This increased blood flow, increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and hence contributes to their development. This product helps in increasing the strength of the body by making it more athletic. By helping in building leaner muscles, this product gives the body extraordinary pump. Besides its benefit of increasing the size of the muscles, this product is also known to have positive effects on the sexual activities of men by giving them bigger and harder erections.

Rev Test

Rev test is basically a fat burning supplement which helps in detoxification of the body. It helps in cleaning up the machinery of our body, making it fit for longer working. The benefits of consuming this supplement include more calorie burn even during the times when you are resting and the antioxidants present in the supplement help in fighting the damages caused by the free radicals. The result of both of the above functions increases energy levels and decrease in fatigue. The bloating of the body is greatly reduced and the metabolic rate increases due to this product. The colon in the body gets detoxified and the muscles in the body are shaped and defined.



Combining Both the products for best results

Both the products are available for sale at GNC. Muscle rev Xtreme is GNC’s best testosterone booster. In order to get the best results it is advised that one should take muscle rev Xtreme early in the morning and during the day give a good detox to your body with the rev test. The consumption of both the supplements should be combined with a healthy diet and a good workout. Between both of them, muscle rev Xtreme’s price is higher, but this is due to the high quality ingredients used in it. A fourteen day free trial of these products is available online which can be subscribed for and on payment of just the shipping charges, one can get a free supply of both these supplements for a whole month.

Is this combination recommended

If one goes through the advertisements for these products they see that many top health and fitness magazines like maxim, playboy, men’s health, etc. have recommended the product. But if we visit the sites of these magazines or go through their past issues, we will find that none of the above magazines mentioned in the advertisements have ever written any article on these supplements, forget recommending them. Similarly, no Hollywood or any other celebrity has ever used or recommended this product. All these false claims in the advertisements of the product make one wonder about the authenticity of the product and the company. It makes one wonder if the claims made by them are nothing more than just a scam. It is advised to consult your doctor before trying out this combination.


Scratching the surface to build bigger arms

In hardgainer territory, the muscular landscape is like a dry, barren field. Even after months of committed care and cultivation, only the smallest growths sprout from terra firma. And your biceps can be the most stubborn area of all: Adding an extra inch to your guns can be more difficult than getting a rose to bloom in Death Valley.

The following program is a “scorched earth” strategy to develop bigger biceps. It calls for unleashing the whole stockpile of warheads and hitting those unresponsive fibers from all angles using a multitude of different weights and every conceivable rep scheme. It’s a whirlwind of stimuli that will leave your biceps with only one choice: grow.


This no-holds-barred quest for growth is based on the principle of four: performing four exercises and adding four extra reps to each exercise after the first. Because each lift changes the area of the muscle that receives the most stimuli, the ever-increasing reps shift the demands of the muscle from strength to hypertrophy to endurance to a skin-stretching crescendo that flushes the muscle and celebrates the pump.

Change is never easy, and this workout is no exception. While this program can be performed on the same day that you train your back (preferably after your back regimen), the full-spectrum demands that it places on your muscle will require at least a week of recovery between attempts.



This four-rep system isn’t limited to biceps training; it’s an equal-opportunity growth stimulator that can be applied to any muscle group. Using triceps as an example, the basic program might work like this.


Perform a basic exercise that recruits plenty of muscle fibers, as well as your stabilizer muscles.

Example: Lying French press x 4 reps to failure


Move on to another basic movement that further limits the assistor muscles and begins to isolate the principal muscle.

Example: Overhead dumbbell extension x 8 reps



Narrow the focus even further with a true isolation exercise.

Example: Standing single-arm cable extension x 12 reps


Flush the muscle with an exercise that delivers a wide range of motion but allows for some control as your extremities get pumped with blood.

Example: Overhead rope extension x 16 reps