Muscle Rev Xtreme Price Is higher Than Its Counterparts Due To Better Quality Ingredients

The markets today are flooded with health supplements. Every day we find that a new supplement has been launched. All these supplements make huge claims about their efficiencies and promise the most perfect looks possible. But the fact is that not all supplements available in the market are good for our body. Some of these can have really harmful side effects on our system and hence should be avoided. Muscle rev Xtreme and rev test are two latest supplements in the market which are meant for muscle building. Let us try to understand the benefits and effects of muscle rev Xtreme and Rev test individually.

Muscle rev Xtreme

The mechanism on which this product works is that, it increases the blood flow to the muscles at the time of the workout. This increased blood flow, increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and hence contributes to their development. This product helps in increasing the strength of the body by making it more athletic. By helping in building leaner muscles, this product gives the body extraordinary pump. Besides its benefit of increasing the size of the muscles, this product is also known to have positive effects on the sexual activities of men by giving them bigger and harder erections.

Rev Test

Rev test is basically a fat burning supplement which helps in detoxification of the body. It helps in cleaning up the machinery of our body, making it fit for longer working. The benefits of consuming this supplement include more calorie burn even during the times when you are resting and the antioxidants present in the supplement help in fighting the damages caused by the free radicals. The result of both of the above functions increases energy levels and decrease in fatigue. The bloating of the body is greatly reduced and the metabolic rate increases due to this product. The colon in the body gets detoxified and the muscles in the body are shaped and defined.



Combining Both the products for best results

Both the products are available for sale at GNC. Muscle rev Xtreme is GNC’s best testosterone booster. In order to get the best results it is advised that one should take muscle rev Xtreme early in the morning and during the day give a good detox to your body with the rev test. The consumption of both the supplements should be combined with a healthy diet and a good workout. Between both of them, muscle rev Xtreme’s price is higher, but this is due to the high quality ingredients used in it. A fourteen day free trial of these products is available online which can be subscribed for and on payment of just the shipping charges, one can get a free supply of both these supplements for a whole month.

Is this combination recommended

If one goes through the advertisements for these products they see that many top health and fitness magazines like maxim, playboy, men’s health, etc. have recommended the product. But if we visit the sites of these magazines or go through their past issues, we will find that none of the above magazines mentioned in the advertisements have ever written any article on these supplements, forget recommending them. Similarly, no Hollywood or any other celebrity has ever used or recommended this product. All these false claims in the advertisements of the product make one wonder about the authenticity of the product and the company. It makes one wonder if the claims made by them are nothing more than just a scam. It is advised to consult your doctor before trying out this combination.

Now is Time for Supplements

The best times to take your supplements.

Quick Boost:

For a quick energy boost, try a cup of Java Fit Energy Extreme coffee from Javalution. This pumped up special coffee contains added caffeine, niacin and green tea extract for a major pick-me-up. Plus, it’s in liquid form for quick and maximum absorption.


Before a Workout:

The key goals here are to maximize exercise performance, boost energy, help mental focus and enhance hydration.
Try: Emergen-C from Alacer for key minerals and vitamin C to fight free radicals that are secondary to training. Also, a thermogenic energy boosting supplement like Hydroxycut or Redline may help. Be sure to drink lots of water.

After Workout:

You want to maximize exercise recovery at this time. Take one or two scoops of Whey protein drink, along with simple carbs and creatine. Taking alpha lipoic acid after the workout may help get nutrients into muscle tissue for optimal recovery.
Try: 100% Gold Standard Whey from Optimum or Nectar from Syntrax.

Before Lunch:

A blood sugar regulation product will keep insulin levels in check. You can also take alpha lipoic acid before lunch. Your lunch should include a high-quality protein and complex carbohydrates.
Try: Quaker Oatmeal or Elite Oats from Dymatize.

After Lunch:

Another dose of a good thermogenic, energy-boosting product can be useful at this time to get you through the rest of the day.
Try: Lipo-6 and Redline